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Reduces wrinkles by 26%.


A cream that reduces wrinkles, static or dynamic, that have appeared on the face and neck (forehead, mid-forehead, crow's feet, wrinkles around mouth and nose, lip contour). Thanks to its herbal extracts, it offers muscle relaxant action equal in effectiveness to injectable invasive processes (botulinum toxin) and smoothes wrinkles in depth and size. Meanwhile, nourishes , heals and moisturizes in depth. Thus, wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes again fresh, youthful and radiant, with no signs of ageing.

The results last as long as the product is applied on a daily basis.
It can be used after injecting invasive treatment for prolonging the duration of the effect.

* Dermatologically tested
* Parabens free

Awarded by Prix De Beaute 2014 as the best product in the category "Specialized Face Care"

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